A cost-effective way
to increase the profitability of your sole proprietorship or business

Pezhvak team produces content for the modern needs of brands. The process that is faster, more cost-effective, and based on creative insight is video marketing, which leads to beneficial results.

Two ways to work together

Annual subscription
Continuous video production - based on popular feedback data - is the key to unlocking today's media, reaching the target audience and turning them into customers. This is why many business owners choose this offer.


We have a variety of annual subscription rates that make it easier to choose the right advertising campaign for your brand.

How to serve

Your business campaign is analyzed from zero to one hundred by the marketing manager to ensure the best results.
Sometimes you only have one project. Pezhvak team will be with you to produce quality videos.


The cost of each project will be calculated based on the number of videos required and the duration of each video. Note: However, the video production class is also considered.

How to serve

Customers who need a limited number of videos will be in direct contact with the filmmakers and will be in the production process.

Be more effective with video.

Get a free consultation from our experts in producing a better advertising campaign.
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